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  • A Stressed Nation – American Mental Health Crisis.

    Posted by Right 360 on March 20, 2023 at 1:21 pm

    Mental illness is a critical health issue in the United States, with nearly one in five (22.8%) adult Americans suffering from the health condition. Similarly, every one in six children between 6 and 17 has mental illness.

    Mental illness varies in severity, with some individuals living perceptively normal lives while others cannot function, bringing their daily lives to a grinding halt.

    Known as Serious mental illness (SMI), the latter causes serious impairment that limits the victim’s life. This condition takes a huge toll, especially on individuals with other conditions, such as physical disabilities.

    Subsequently, mental illness is a cause of many social problems, such as drug abuse and homelessness, although these issues also cause mental illness.

    Undiagnosed individuals resort to substance abuse to numb the psychological pain associated with mental illness. Similarly, individuals whose lives are impaired by mental illness lose jobs and houses and become homeless.

    According to the Addiction Center, homelessness and substance abuse also exacerbate mental illness.

    And yet, mental health rarely gets the attention it deserves. Politicians would rather address mental illness’s symptoms and consequences than treat the cause.

    Additionally, mental illness is often stigmatized, thus discouraging patients from seeking treatment.

    Similarly, regardless of severity, mental illness has real-life legal consequences for people suffering from the condition.

    For example, seeking mental health treatment is enough grounds for curtailing one’s Second Amendment rights.

    This could have real-life consequences, such as exposing the victims to violent crimes when they cannot defend themselves.

    While limiting 2A rights for individuals with mental illness is supposed to prevent harm, it has the opposite results. Such individuals do not seek mental treatment allowing their condition to deteriorate until it blows up.

    Other causes of mental illness include poverty, past traumas, the lack of access to counseling facilities, inadequate insurance coverage, and the lack of mental health professionals.

    However, liberalism and Leftwing policies undermining traditional American values have also contributed to the mental health crisis.

    For example, the family created a strong support system that helped individuals cope with stress, loneliness, and other disasters in life.

    However, the decadence promoted by the left has undermined the family unit by promoting divorce, single parenthood, and alternative lifestyles. These lifestyles lead to loneliness, isolation, and anxiety, progressing to full-blown mental illness.

    Similarly, religion played a crucial role in helping individuals deal with life’s challenges, with religious teachers encouraging people and participating in counseling.

    The religious community also created a safe, loving, and supportive environment that helped individuals graciously face life storms.

    Similarly, the extremely sensitive society being cultivated by Leftism and the propaganda of fear is making individuals triggered by non-issues.

    Additionally, the culture of victimhood and entitlement fails to prepare individuals for real life, setting them up for serious disappointments that lead to mental illness.

    Nevertheless, various steps are being made to address the American mental health crisis. Various organizations are promoting mental health awareness and destigmatization of the health condition.

    Employers also recognize the need to address mental health and provide the necessary resources, as do learning institutions.

    Various laws have also been introduced in the legislature. These include Senate bill 1895 – Lower Health Care Costs Act, House Bill 3180 – RISE from Trauma Act, Early Identification And Intervention For Those At Risk, Mental Health Parity Compliance Act Of 2019, Mental Health Professionals Workforce Shortage Loan Repayment Act, among others.

    Addressing mental health requires a multi-prong approach incorporating awareness and destigmatization, medical training, coverage, and treatment, passing necessary laws, investment, and promoting healthy lifestyles and social values.

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