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    Posted by Chad Heaton on June 14, 2023 at 6:01 am

    For those who still have their head in the sand… the Constitution is being changed, simply by the way conservative people manage their day-to-day life (leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone). If your head is still in the sand… you might want to take a look around and get involved… the ground work is already being paved to change the constitution.

    If you still give two-cents, this is how/why…
    The framework is changing by morphing the definition of “Fundamental”.
    The word fundamental, to a corrupt society, doesn’t mean that a moral and/or value is consistent. Morals and Values have been under attack for quite some time and conservatives are allowing it out of ignorance to the law and how things work.

    What does it take to change a fundamental right?

    • You change what’s important to people and change culture
    • You introduce a culture war
    • Culture then believes they do/don’t want X

    Once the culture changes, so does the definition of what people believe to be fundamental rights. If enough people say they don’t like Amendment X, how secure is/was that right you assumed would always be around and have failed to fight for. Courts base decisions on the fundamental rights of the time, which is how case law becomes the ground work to set a president for future generations.

    It takes a lot of effort to change culture and we are definitely in the middle of a culture war in regards to what is truth. Truth doesn’t move; however, this culture war – from the top down is attempting to morph truth at every turn and rocking heaven and earth.

    Challenge: To Youth (Energy) and the Aged (Wisdom) Generations. Work together to understand why the past/future is valuable. The easy days have made conservatives weak. Take a stand, get involved, and make a difference.

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