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    Posted by Right 360 on May 13, 2023 at 9:50 pm

    It’s no secret that liberal sites dictate the majority of popular search engine results. No matter what you search for, you’ll find most results are likely to be 9 of 10 liberal results for your selection. Many search engines base their results on the popularity of the site. This popularity is normally determined by Websites who use G—gle and/or other tool sets to perform traffic analytics. The analytic data is then complied, and sites are then rack and stacked according to the keywords, the length (short is bad/longer is good) of time on a page, how many return visits, social mentions, social shares, and/or how many sites link back to the site/page.

    Many conservatives don’t understand the value they assess to a site by selecting a result. If you search on a topic, you need to be cognizant of the domain address that you are, in essence, casting a popularity vote for. Take some time to review the address of the site being presented to you in the results; does the site address point you to a liberal domain. If the address is something like: ABC.com, BBC.com, CBS.com, CNN.com, HuffPost.com, MSNBC.com, NYTimes.com, Yahoo.com (but not limited to) … Conservatives really need to consider looking for a Conservative result. Whether that Conservative result is found on page 2/3/4 or page 10 … it’s worth taking your time to find a Conservative site and then support it.

    Supporting a Conservative site can come in several forms, such as previously mentioned above. If you visit a site, and want to help the site in a positive way you can do so with some of the following indicators:
    – Bookmark the Site
    – Visit the Site Daily/Weekly
    – Stay on the page for > 1-minute
    NOTE: If you view a page and then leave < 10-seconds, that is a bad vote
    – Share the Site via Social Media; include hashtags (#Keyword1, #Keyword2)
    – Support Ads/Sponsors (View/Visit – Doesn’t mean you have to buy)
    – Contribute/Donate to the Site

    Keep in mind, Right360.com does present a list
    of Conservative Sites. If you know of a
    good Conservative Site, please use our Contact option, found within our Help
    Desk, to submit a Site address for consideration to our database of
    Conservative sites.

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