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    Behind the Scenes: Exploring the World of Entertainment

    Entertainment, including music, television, and movies, is any activity for amusement or relaxation. It has been a vital human aspect since people started living communally.

    However, entertainment has evolved to play other roles, such as sensitization, education, or advice.

    Socially conscious artists used entertainment to pass messages of love, peace, and harmony, and encourage virtues such as hard work and unity.

    However, the entertainment sector began degrading in the 90s, when some music genres, such as rap, started promoting promiscuity, violence, drug abuse, and hatred for law enforcement.

    More recently, entertainment has become political and social control tool to pass more serious messages and propaganda that threatens the fabric of the nation.

    For example, entertainment has become an avenue for pushing moral relativism and gender fluidity messages that contradict the values of a traditional American family.

    Other agendas pushed through entertainment include victimhood and blaming others for personal failures instead of taking responsibility. Entertainment is also used to promote anti-Americanism, such as hatred for the American flag.

    Additionally, decoupling entertainment from the hosting platforms from which people access their favorite entertainment content is impossible.

    In this era of user-generated content, these platforms have become integral parts of the modern entertainment industry.

    Those entertainment platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, can be used to amplify particular messages by manipulating people’s timelines and repeatedly showing content that promotes certain agendas.

    Additionally, they could censor topics promoting traditional values such as patriotism, morality, or hard work.

    Some entertainment platforms owned by foreign governments, such as TikTok, can be used to spread disinformation, promote division, or even be used for spying.

    They could also censor particular messages, individuals, or parties whose message threatens their country’s interest or political objectives.

    While these issues primarily affect discerning adults, entertainment also increasingly targets children with adult themes.

    For example, many popular children’s characters have been remade to include sexual themes, more so lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning (LGBTQ) relationships.

    According to Variety, “director James Gunn said he tried to make the character (Velma) ‘explicitly gay’ in his script for the live-action “Scooby-Doo” movie.

    He intentionally made Velma act “a little off” while dating Shaggy because the “relationship was wrong for her.”

    Such practices attempt to normalize same-sex relationships or even cast heterosexual unions as wrong.

    Over ten children’s films, including Sponge Bob Square Pants, Steven Universe, The Loud House, Arthur, and Gravity Falls, feature L\G\B\T\Q messages.

    According to marriage equality proponents, such actions raise awareness and promote tolerance.

    However, targeting children with complex subjects such as sexual orientation raises questions about their true intentions.

    Entertainment has become a political issue because of the messages included in modern music, television, and film. These messages could damage our society, especially children and young adults, and undermine our political and economic systems.

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