• Exploring the Right: What is a Republican?

    Posted by Right 360 on April 24, 2023 at 6:09 pm

    A Republican is a member or supporter of the Republican Party, one of the major two parties in the United States. Formed in 1854, The Republican party opposed the expansion of slavery.

    A Republican can also be defined as a believer in Republicanism, an ideology that believes in the people’s sovereignty, abhors government corruption, and asserts that the government should exist to protect people’s rights.

    According to the Pew Research Center, Republicans can be grouped into categories with varying degrees of conservative values.

    The Faith and Flag Conservatives, who make up nearly a quarter (23%) of all Republicans, are strongly conservative on all issues. They comprise hardcore patriots who believe in the superiority of the United States and the Christian faith.

    Committed Conservatives (15%) are conservative on most issues, especially matters related to the economy. They love working with traditional US allies such as Britain and mostly voted for Trump. They are the most active and the most educated group of Republicans.

    The Populist Right Republicans (23%) have strong anti-immigration views and distrust banks and large corporations. They are least likely to be educated and mostly live in rural areas.

    The Ambivalent Right (18%) is made up of the youngest and least religious Republicans. They have conservative views about government-backed social welfare and moderate views on immigration. This group also wants Trump to leave politics.

    Lastly, the Stressed Sideliners make up about 15% of the Republicans. They believe in a combination of conservative and liberal ideologies. They are the least active group, more financially stressed, and likely to join bipartisan coalitions.

    Generally, Republicans are known for their fierce stance on personal freedom and support for conservative values and small government.

    Consequently, they strongly support the First Amendment, which guarantees Americans the freedom of speech, and the Second Amendment, which guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. Any attempts to regulate firearms through stricter gun control laws or the freedom of speech through censorship attract strong opposition from Republicans.

    Their strong support for conservative values also makes them strong opponents of abortion rights and other liberal agendas, such as marriage equality and gender ideology that promotes gender fluidity.

    Similarly, their support for limited government makes them oppose wasteful government spending, interference in education and business, and higher taxes.

    They also strongly support law and order, law enforcement officers, and the military.

    Republicans hold common beliefs, they are a diverse group of individuals who might
    not fit the negative stereotypes perpetrated by the Left.

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