• Strategies for Advancing the Conservative Agenda

    Posted by Right 360 on April 1, 2023 at 7:38 am

    Conservative voices are being drowned in all aspects of life while liberalism is growing stronger by the day. While Conservatives have been trying to level the playing field, they have fallen behind, suggesting that more should be done.

    Here is a list of strategies that could help advance the Conservative agenda.

    Grassroots movements.

    The grassroots movement is one of the strongest forces for advancing the Conservative agenda and countering negative ideology. Grassroots movements can take the form of organizing rallies and door-to-door and phone campaigns.

    The advantage of grassroots movements is that they can set their own objectives and ways to achieve them. Additionally, they are cheaper to run because they involve ordinary citizens concerned about their daily lives. The peer-to-peer campaign can help create momentum, pushing the message further.

    Similarly, message can be tailored to fit the local community making it more relatable to the target audience.

    Refine the message.

    Conservatives should create a strong, clear, and refined message that resonates with many Americans on various issues to remove ambiguity. They should focus on issues that most Americans have a strong feeling about but feel ignored by the government.

    For example, most Americans oppose transgender athletes participating in female sports. Capitalizing on such an issue would validate people’s viewpoint, making them more receptive to other ideas.

    Political advocacy.

    Conservatives can advance their causes through political advocacy at all levels of government to promote their viewpoint.

    Political advocacy could include lobbying, submitting comments via letters and phone calls, and participating in hearings.
    For example:
    – Conservatives can call their leaders and remind them to honor their promises by championing the cause for the elected, instead of looking after their personal interests
    – 2A: When proposed gun controls are introduced in Congress, Conservatives should call their leaders and remind them that supporting such laws would go against the will of the voters who want to keep their firearms.

    Leveraging traditional and digital media.

    Leveraging media outlets can also help advance the Conservative agenda by discussing issues that matter most to them. Both conventional media outlets such as television, radio, and newspapers can help reach the more traditional Americans.

    Similarly, digital media such as social media, blogs, and podcasts, can help bring Conservative agenda to the younger generation.

    Conservatives can build communities around various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, which is also the intent of Right360.

    Social media can also complement other campaigns such as grassroots movements or even amplify messages shared via traditional media.

    Similarly, Conservatives can collect opinions and feedback from followers which can help shape their message, making it more receptacle.

    Social media tools, such as Facebook Events can help keep people on the loop about what is happening in their communities.

    For example, they can create Facebook Events to remind people to submit their opinion on proposed laws, attend a council meeting, or even tune it to a certain station.

    Partnering with like-minded groups.

    Lastly, Conservatives should partner with other groups with similar values or interests for mutual benefit. This might include groups that are not traditionally Conservative, but promoting issues that matter to non-progressives.

    Advancing the Conservative agenda requires a multi-prong approach to cover all bases.


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